LIVIN                 NYC:

WHAT: marketing website for plant company

WHEN: october - december 2020 (approx. 240hrs)

WHO: sole UX/UI designer, developer

I believe in two core things:

+ Products should be designed so that everyone has the opportunity to explore, learn, and accomplish tasks with ease (and a good dose a fun doesn’t hurt either).

This is at the heart of what I do. Listening and responding to user feedback through rigorous testing, iteration, and thoughtful design ensures this goal. Users, by definition, are who we are designing for (not ourselves) and all too often they take a backseat. This passion drove me to devote myself to the craft of UX/UI design and to dreaming up creative, simple solutions that inspire, spark joy, and empower.

+ Equality should be at the forefront of every aspect of life.

I stand for and with all people regardless of race, sex, class, orientation, identification, ability, etc. I was taught growing up to love, stand up for what is right and just, and to treat others like my neighbors. It has been my mission to live these values, not only in my personal life, but in my professional work. You and I inhabit the same Earth. We should have the same access and rights. We are all humans attempting to make and find our way through life. These values should be at the forefront of how we design products, services, and the world around us.

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+ Designed and built a marketing site for a plant installation and care company in NYC

+ Worked closely with founder and brand designer to craft a unique experience

+ Achieved a 30%+ increase in business after launch with positive mentions of the site


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